Today Scooter, my pride & joy slash baby slash child, got fixed and I was PRETTY nervous to say the least. As I drove to pick him up I envisioned him napping all afternoon, peering up at me dreary-eyed, his eyes begging the question...why?! As I walked into my apartment and cautiously opened his carrier,... Continue Reading →



Happy Friday. It’s Stef. I hope you had a tolerable week. Mine was so-so. So-so because it has come to my knowledge that the conveniently located Trader Joe’s across the street has stopped carrying my favorite wine. It has been missing for a while so I finally grew enough cojones to ask the “wine guy”... Continue Reading →

Weekend Adventures FTW

Guys last weekend I was outdoorsy as shet. And not even in a flirty, trying-to-impress-someone-outdoorsy way. My friends and I went kayaking! On water! In kayaks! But in all seriousness it was adorbs. I didn't get any bug bites on the water (Bless!) and I was able to peep a few yachts that seemed tolerable... Continue Reading →

Introducing…Stef with an F!

I can’t…but I so can. The weather is fantastic today…sunny, warm, not too humid. But of course I am observing this magical day from inside while thinking of all the things I would rather be doing outside. I.NEED.A.CHANGE. Is that too much to ask? I am an educated 25-year-old that can’t find a career-esque job... Continue Reading →

Mr. Mazda

So I'll keep this rant short and sweet (er, perhaps not). Let's just dive on in. Ok. I am going to judge you based on your bumper stickers. Cold hard fact. But then again, you knew that when you peeled off that plastic backing and slapped that adhesive bad-boy to your bumper like the tramp... Continue Reading →

Can I Just Say…

I'm confused as to why it seems like I'm the only one who doesn't have their shit together. I'm pretty sure nobody else knows what the fuck they're doing. Like, I don't really think you're sure you want to be a network system administrator, c'mon. You're telling me that when you're 80 years old and... Continue Reading →

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