Can I Just Say…

I’m confused as to why it seems like I’m the only one who doesn’t have their shit together. I’m pretty sure nobody else knows what the fuck they’re doing. Like, I don’t really think you’re sure you want to be a network system administrator, c’mon. You’re telling me that when you’re 80 years old and finally able to retire, you’re going to still be in the same field/industry and so happy you spent every day longingly staring out the window, thinking of the vitamin D you happily missed out on? I think not.

I’m pretty sure I just feel immobilized because I can’t NOT think about where I should be when I’m 80 and how when I’m 35 or 30 I’ll suddenly realize I’m in the wrong field, OR WORSE, that I STILL have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I just want to be happy is that so much to ask? Please pay me to exist and exist happily. Here’s what that means to me: Sunshine, warmth, friendship, strength, fashion, just chicness in general, animals EVERYWHERE (not Animal Hoarders-let’s be clear), the beach in my life every day, perhaps a man (preferably not a psychopath-again, let’s be clear), and of course my personal yacht…ok so that last one was a bit far-fetched, but you’ve got to dream big to achieve big!

I mean, let’s take a moment to analyze my life to further illustrate my point…Just ten years ago I was interested in political science and perhaps pursuing a law degree. Now, the thought of that career path makes me want to gouge my eyes out, and honestly I’m feeling a bit parched and sweaty. I can’t even stand to talk about politics with the closest friends now. And just fifteen years ago, well I thought I was headed to the Olympics. Like, putting-2006-at-the-end-of-me-screen-name, going to the Olympics. Figure skating was my one and only dream and all I needed to keep me warm at night (yea, I was a super cool kid).

So I’ll end this post on that lovely, icy cold note (instead of focusing on my complete lack of direction in life)…please take a moment to check out this amazing, amazing tumblr that I came across that speaks right to my icy cold soul (yes, I still have one):



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