Introducing…Stef with an F!

I can’t…but I so can.
The weather is fantastic today…sunny, warm, not too humid. But of course I am observing this magical day from inside while thinking of all the things I would rather be doing outside.

Is that too much to ask? I am an educated 25-year-old that can’t find a career-esque job in anything I am remotely interested in. Did I mention I was decently attractive too? It’s not as if I look like an unkempt degenerate who is banging on office doors asking for them to hire me (but I’m close…not the unkempt degenerate thing, the banging on office doors thing.) It’s tough keeping a positive attitude when rejection letters start bombarding like the black plague. But I’m trying. Such is life.
My name is Stef, with an F preferably, and I recently moved to the “DMV” area. Currently trying to decide what I want to do with my life/future/etc. I have a hard enough time picking out what I want for lunch or what type of bra I’ll wear today (strapless is a commitment), let alone a lifetime decision. I have decided though, in my epic journey of life, to post on this here blog as a guest. Call it what you will but I am leaning towards Fabulous Fridays with Stef. Or Super Sexy Stef’s Stuff. Still unsure. Will follow-up.



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