Weekend Adventures FTW

Guys last weekend I was outdoorsy as shet. And not even in a flirty, trying-to-impress-someone-outdoorsy way. My friends and I went kayaking! On water! In kayaks! But in all seriousness it was adorbs. I didn’t get any bug bites on the water (Bless!) and I was able to peep a few yachts that seemed tolerable while I was at it (2 birds! Can I even?). Although I have to admit, the paddles did seem to get quite a bit of water into the kayak, so by the end of said adventure, my feet were pruney inside my drenched tennis shoes, and my butt was sitting in a big puddle. Soggy britches over here. Actually that sounds quite disgusting. Welp. Side note, in case you were wondering, YES I do have Madonna/MObama arms now. Still working on the state of the rest of my body however.

So anyways, after those lovely river adventures we embraced our inner calling and grilled out/laid out. We ate everything under the sun: Corn, cookies, chips, burgers, cheese, more cheese, cheese its…I could go on…and on. And we laid out despite our large food baby bellies and the coverage of clouds overhead.

This should prepare me well for even MORE adventures THIS weekend! Can’t. I’m going to ride on roller coasters for the first time in over a decade! I’m so nervous/excited/gassy I can hardly contain myself. I also hear there is some sort of magical beer (bier?!) tour at this park of magic. I’m going to have to start working on my itinerary right now if I plan on optimal cheese-eating/beer-drinking/ride-riding. And of course the only proper way to follow such activities will be a nice day-long nap anti-activity activity, by the pool.

To be honest, these outdoor adventures and the non-stop swimsuit action this weekend and last, are really just getting me more and more excited for my little adventure to Florida. Granted it’s only a long weekend, but I’ll take what I can get! We’ll get more into that adventure later though…


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