Happy Friday. It’s Stef.

I hope you had a tolerable week. Mine was so-so. So-so because it has come to my knowledge that the conveniently located Trader Joe’s across the street has stopped carrying my favorite wine. It has been missing for a while so I finally grew enough cojones to ask the “wine guy” where he put this exquisite $3.99 bottle of organic Cab Sav. When he told me that they are no longer carrying it I shed a tear (or two), sulked to the wine rack, and perused until I found a replacement. With a whomping 25% increase in price, I found a decent replacement. Still hurts…but just a little.

But I love Trader Joes.

It’s like Whole Food’s hipster cousin with oversized Hawaiian shirts and one to many neck-beards. I usually can find everything that I’m looking for and then some. The “then some” in this case typically means a new assortment of two to eight cheese wedges. Once you get past the complete chaos of people/children/screaming children it can be magical. Trust.

Well. I hope your week was better than finding your favorite (insert food article here) has been discontinued from (insert most frequented store here).


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