Musical Inclinations

So last week Cage the Elephant and the Black Keys were in town. Stef and I reluctantly went and saw them - on a SCHOOL WORK night I might add! I'd like to point out that we were both at work on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning. Excuse me a moment... Continue Reading →


Fall Weekend Y’all

Wooo, what a weekend-so many fall activities! Although the weather is not really reflecting this autumn vibe I'm feeling, but that's ok...I should just appreciate the warm weather while I can. ANYWAYS, it feels so nice to just sit down and veg out to watch some football/movies/whatever I can find on tv today. Friday was... Continue Reading →

Tailgating 101 (According to yours truly…)

As I mentioned previously, fall is upon us. We are on the CUSP of fall if you will. With that said, I think we should talk about something very close to my heart... Tailgating! Just the idea of tailgating is genius. An excuse to get together with all your friends-OUTDOORS-wearing somewhat coordinated outfits (team colors,... Continue Reading →

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Guys. Girls. One. And all. I love summer. I LIKE-LIKE it. I embrace the sweat and the gleam and the humidity, completely willingly. Sticking to leather seats and possible sweat spots on your shirt are a small price to pay for the glory that is that majestic season. Let's all take a moment and relive... Continue Reading →

Economical Alternatives

Yes, yes we all love shopping. Unless you don't, in which case I'm not sure what to say here. Maybe this phenomenal blog ain't for you?! Just kidding, of course it is. So yes, we all love shopping but at a certain point, particularly when you live in an expensive city, with a less than... Continue Reading →


In the last few years she'd come close to defining the nameless ambition that had pushed her this far: to avoid the sheep life at all costs. -Cutting for Stone My current reading adventure. And let me tell you, I read at my own leisurely pace, so don't expect some sort of book review in... Continue Reading →

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