Surprise Bitch…

No…unfortunately this is not in reference to American Horror Story, but you can envision any and all the Emma Roberts GIFs or MEMEs you want and I won’t be mad!

Already digressing, can I even?!

It would appear that I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging. A little vacacion de bueno (si?!). Basically what it consisted of was a lot of quarter-life existential heartbreak (what am i doing with my life?!), wondering what i really want out of life (I should really eat healthier), pondering the age-old questions of, “Why don’t I have a chicken coop?” and “Why can’t I have all the dogs and cats?”

BUT ALAS…I am back. I also vow to be committed to this blog, even on days when I have nothing to say. That’s right, you will be forced to endure my ramblings so long as you type this blessed URL. (“You’re welcome.” – Awkward anyone?!)

So let me just give you a brief outline of my life over the last month and a half:
-cooking healthier – i swear it! I’ll have photographic proof soon enough!
-working out consistently – (is it time for new years resolutions?!)
-went to Florida!
-Baby shower fun was had! (not for me, are ya kidding?)

Um I think those are the only highlights haha

So that is all you’ve missed with me…I promise to keep updating.

Be back soon!


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