Economical Alternatives

Yes, yes we all love shopping. Unless you don’t, in which case I’m not sure what to say here. Maybe this phenomenal blog ain’t for you?! Just kidding, of course it is.

So yes, we all love shopping but at a certain point, particularly when you live in an expensive city, with a less than ideal job, paying you a less than ideal salary, shopping isn’t exactly a hobby, or rather, a lifestyle choice you should be making every day of the week.

So I have developed a list of amazing alternatives to shopping to keep you-and your wallets-preocupado.

1. Window shop! Depending on how bad you want to scratch that itch, this may not be a viable option for you. This is also way more enjoyable at a nice outdoor area. Perhaps a downtown situation, and definitely less effective in a mall. With that said, the last time I tried out this method it was not effective. Self control isn’t my strong suit, what can I say?

2. Weather permitting-outdoor activities! Neachure! Particularly hiking. This is pretty much free-unless you have to pay for parking, which is the case for most national parks. You get some good ole’ fashioned vitamin D, some nice fresh oxygen, and some exercise! Absolutely guaranteed to make you feel accomplished without spending a dime. Bonus points: Bring your dog!

Freedom is a gift, get living…

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3. Museums. Personally, I love museums. I love the idea behind them, I love the feeling I get in them, I love the people I see there…I love the kind of person I feel like in a museum. But, to be honest, I have to be in a very specific mindset to be in the mood to hit up a museum. Maybe I just build them up in my head, maybe it’s the fact that I have to choose to take the Metro…I can’t be sure exactly. What I do know is that any time I plan to go to a museum I usually procrastinate or re-schedule. But, historically, once I check out one museum, I want to check out the rest immediately. It’s like I’m suddenly a sponge and I require all that I can absorb in these amazing museums.

4. Crafting! DIY FTW! Now, if you don’t already have crafting tools at your disposal you can spend a pretty penny at Michaels and other places, but if you have an established mode of operation when it comes to your crafting, you shouldn’t really have to spend a lot-if anything-to get your Martha Stewart. And, with the magic of Pinterest I’m sure you can find some projects using those odds and ends around your house.

5. Clean. Straight up organize. I assume you vacuum and windex every once in awhile so hopefully you aren’t living in a cesspool. I’m talking about digging through your junk drawer and getting rid of all that crap! you haven’t worn that sweater in 2 years? I don’t care if it’s Lacoste. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and donate it! Organize and go through all those storage boxes you just keep tossing more and more papers into. Get rid of all this excess baggage!

6. Relax. Did you really want to leave the apartment today, anyways? Who needs to spend money when the entire Gilmore Girls series will be up on Netflix so soon. In the meantime maybe knock out another series. That’ll keep you tied up all weekend!

Alright, honestly that’s all my brain oven can process right now. Yesterday I pretended I was back in college and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t drink for at least 12 hours. Yea it was one of those. I couldn’t even do that during college, so I’m not sure how I’m even alive right now honestly. So now it’s time to switch back off my brain, and enjoy some damn good football along with some damn good cooking. SAYONARA BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.


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