It’s That Time of Year Again!

Guys. Girls. One. And all.

I love summer. I LIKE-LIKE it. I embrace the sweat and the gleam and the humidity, completely willingly. Sticking to leather seats and possible sweat spots on your shirt are a small price to pay for the glory that is that majestic season. Let’s all take a moment and relive the feeling of driving with the sunroof open (top down, if you’re fancy, in which case CHEERS. Jealous.), hair blowing on around like a good ole fashioned torrrrrnado. Music blasting-obviously being shared with the world-You’re welcome passerbys. Sun beating down. Possibly setting in the distance in a beautiful, fiery, red-purple blaze.


BUT ALAS, fall is upon us. (Monday, if we want to get down to the nitty-gritty.)


Autumn in all its majesty has just snuck on up behind us in major creeper fashion. Autumn is a wiley one, if we can be honest. It’s main objective is to usher in the horrible, bitter chill (speaking of bitter-I’m pretty bitter regarding the ARCTIC FREEZE that was all of last year’s winter) that is the winter season. Autumn is so amazing and beautiful and perfect and dreamy…it’s like some sort of drug (I’m hearing Fields of Gold in my head…is that even referencing Fall?!). It’s all great until suddenly there isn’t just a nip in the air, a cider in your hand, and football on tv, no no! Suddenly you’re wearing lined boots, a LEGITIMATE winter coat, hats, scarves, and you need gloves just to hold your koozie! Again, sigh. My point is that I try to not get too hyped up for fall before summer has even come to a close. I feel as if I’m somehow opening the door for winter to prance on in and take over, and I’ll never allow that.


But let it be known, that I do, in fact, love fall. Every fall feels like a time leap back to my AMAZING days at James Madison University ( #godukes !) I should be cruising down some back road, driving to the North Fork just to say we did, or exploring some random town in the valley. SIGH to relive those days. Now Autumn is just as amazing, but different – Halloween, Homecoming, sweaters, boots, ahhh the whole wardrobe shift, (If you are looking for me to say Pumpkin Spice Lattes, just sit your ass down. That’s something I will never get on board with). FOOTBALL. I could go on and on. If y’all have not read the Craigslist ad that two girls posted about their need for “Fall Boyfriends,” you need it. It is the best. It captures really just about everything that I crave in the gloriously golden season.


This is me publicly declaring my full embrace of the seasonal shift; Autumn, I’m ready for you.

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