Musical Inclinations

So last week Cage the Elephant and the Black Keys were in town. Stef and I reluctantly went and saw them – on a SCHOOL WORK night I might add! I’d like to point out that we were both at work on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning. Excuse me a moment while I pat myself on the back.

But, I thought I’d share some of my pictures from the evening!

cage 3 cage 2 cageCage the Elephant actually opened for the Black Keys, but if I’m being completely honest (nobody kill me please) I liked Cage the Elephant more!

black keys

black keys 6FYI: We were really far away so yes these are zoomed in and yes some are poor quality. (Hopefully when I buy my new cameraaaaa that will all be solved…more info on that to follow though.)

black keys last

black keys 4It was seriously a blast. As I said, we went rather reluctantly but ended up having an AMAZING time. I always forget how much I love love love live music until I’m there in the moment.

black keys 9

black keys 2This past summer we went to a music festival in Delaware called Firefly that’s pretty new-I want to say this was their third year? (I went last year too, but thought it was all just infinitely better this time around!) Festivals like Firefly-especially Firefly-are really great opportunities to see artists you wouldn’t have otherwise paid to go see, and realize how much you love them!

For example, never heard of Jake Bugg before then (by the way he’s only twenty and he has that much talent…):

But I digress…

Of course we had a blast even with the lack of bathing and just over-abundance of sweat and dust and dirt. Hey, what can I say-when we’re committed, we’re committed!

We were also able to see Grouplove almost a year ago and basically fell in love with them. They are seriously so amazing and so talented it was such a treat that we have been able to see them twice now. I was also able to see The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show last year which seriously knocked my socks off. No other way to put it. Of course I knew OCMS ‘Wagon Wheel’ but I was completely, utterly unaware of how freakin talented those guys are! And of course The Avett Brothers…where do I even start. I was that girl in the crowd singing every lyric to every song and not caring who judged. (Insert any .GIF at all of T Swift dancing along to any live artist-that was me. haha). Hopefully this winter I’ll be able to go to just as many new shows and hopefully find some new amazing artists!



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