Adventures in NYC ( #DontGoHome )

So I’m getting ready to travel for a bit for work and am looking for any and all recommendations in Knoxville and New York City.

This time last year my summer of travel was over and I was just getting back into the swing of things. Most of my time traveling was spent in NYC, with a couple weeks in LA, weekends in San Diego, and a week in Nashville before finally making it home for Labor Day.

So I thought in honor of this next adventure I’d share some of my times from last year…in a few posts!

(drumroll please…)

1013509_10101149964374049_542779204_nfirst up is…

New York City!!




I always welcome macarons…



views from work…



adventures in Jersey City…



the Eataly…meats and cheeses for days…yum!



adventures by the bridge…



tangent: I feel like a lot of bartenders in big cities NYC think they’re artists, and I once agreed with that…until one particular bartender decided I needed an egg yolk in my cocktail…



corporate suite at a Giants game with limo service from the airport and into the City after the game?! No complaints here…


photo 2

checkin’ out the views in Long Island…

photo 1

relaxin’ in New Hampshire…


people watching in Boston…

Let me just say that it’s pretty difficult to keep track of everything that happened in New York while I was there. (A lot! I was there a few months!) I was working around 10 hour days and was exhausted all the time. It’s quite a testament to the intensity that I ate two giant breakfasts every morning and was still hungry throughout the day – I was just burning that much fuel! With that said, I got out and did as much as possible! (Looking back, I wish I had a blog at the time so I could just document and just keep track of EVERYTHING I was doing!) I didn’t want the summer to go by having traveled to all these wonderful places and not have done anything memorable, aside from working my ass bottom off! Haha!

I saw Book of Mormon, went to the Eataly-many, many times…as I’ve mentioned, I love my meats and cheeses…and wines and IPAs!-went to a flea market in Brooklyn-is that even what they’re called there? Can’t be sure…had adventures in Central Park, in addition to many of the other parks there…rode on touristy boats, ate macarons, also ate at cool not touristy places with friends I made there…just really had an amazing time! (Please disregard that that was really just the longest run-on sentence ever.) Hopefully this time around I’ll keep better track of all my adventures and have more to share! and like I said any and all suggestions for must-see, lesser-known spots are welcome!

Next time I’ll try to share some of my other adventures, like Knoxville, SD, and LA!



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