Adventures on the OTHER Coast…

So I promised more about my other travels from last summer, and here it goes…

Following my little adventures in New York City last summer, I went out to Los Angeles for a few weeks. I love Los Angeles. Sunny skies almost all year round, everything perfectly manicured (from the lawns to the people

let’s be honest), and of course way more to do than you could ever have time for. But I’ll be honest, it just doesn’t click for me. I just don’t understand how such a city can have so many neighborhoods and be so spread out. It’s only one city but it could take you a disgustingly long time to get from one end to the other. I hate to “pick a side,” but I have to say I’m definitely more of an NYC kind of person. If this makes you want to stop reading, just hear me out

In NYC there’s a great public transportation system. If it’s not the subway, its the LIRR, if its not the LIRR, its the Path train. And if you’re not one for venturing underground (or public transportation?), you can walk just about everywhere. (Looking back, I really wish I would’ve had my Fitbit or some other step counter with me last summer-I would have dominated my competition.) I just love New York City. Walking wherever you want to explore. People everywhere.

But let me be clear, I still love LA. It holds a very special, sunny, warm spot in my heart. So let me share my wondrous journey through my oh-so-fascinating pictures!

City of Angels!

1175746_10101262828049339_58835299_nviews in Santa Monica (right?)…



1170692_10101238750895149_326804612_n  checkin out some potential new rides…

  1094965_10101238747796359_500283164_n1003903_10101238748115719_1125617167_nagain, checkin out a new ride…

but seriously, this is what my life would look like if I had a private jet…and it’s lookin pretty good…

1237529_10101262827171099_1419418194_nmy AMAZING view for the train ride down to San Diego…

1231327_10101262825888669_1466952823_nfor any San Diego-ans reading this, I experience the PB Shore Club…

and for the record, RBV slushies are delish…


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