Fang das Oktoberfest an!

So rather than continue with some more details of my wonderful phenomenal travels, I thought I’d talk about my phenomenal weekend! Some of you may remember our guest blogger Stef… well we’re kind of, sort of, maybe, best friends and cousins. Her mother also happens to be German. Like, German, German…

2017BGOh, no big deal…basically her family’s castle. I’m kidding. I’m not kidding.

ANYWAYS, so once a year they have this wonderful, magical feast (NOT at their castle unfortunately) that they have dubbed…

oktoberfestAhem, OKTOBERFEST if you did not catch that. As somebody who is not at all in touch with any roots that she may have other than a farm in South Carolina and a farm out in Indiana, I had a BLAST. I did not even know there were so many ways to cook meat. There were onions in this, carrots in this, potatoes surrounding that, meat in this…I do not even know the names of anything I ate – maybe that will be a future post for ole’ Stef with an F. It was truly magical though. I’m a pretty picky eater (IE, I didn’t enjoy mac and cheese until about a year ago, same goes for guacamole, and I loathe mashed potatoes-don’t judge), but I have to say there wasn’t a thing I didn’t enjoy. It was really all soooo delicious. It didn’t hurt that I was washing it all down with some nice German beers.

It really was an amazing day. It definitely inspired me and I think I’ll be dreaming of some brunch and dinner party ideas for the next week. (Lookout Pinterest!!) I hope you all had as much of an amazing weekend as I did!!



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