Cutting for Stone

My blindfold was off but I still possessed a hyperacuity of the senses. I could see the future. Genet’s face in that pantry was the face that most revealed her. It carried intimations of the woman she would grow up to be. I could see how those eyes would stay serene, beautiful, concealing the kind of restlessness and recklessness so evident tonight. Her cheekbones would push out, expressing the sheer force of her will, making her nose even sharper, further elongating her lovely eyes.  The lower lip would outgrow the upper, the buds on her chest turn into fruit, and her legs would grow like tall vines. In a land of beautiful people, she would be most beautiful and exotic. Men-I knew this before I should have known-would perceive her disdain and would want her. I would want her most of all. She’d put up obstacles. I might never be as strong for her or as close to her as I was this night. Despite this knowledge, I’d keep trying.  –  Cutting for Stone

Save your judgement-I’m about halfway through the book Haha. I can’t help it-I get much more reading done during the summer loungin’ out by the pool. (Also, I’ve been pretty aggressive about finishing//keeping up with the kardashians American Horror Story!) Anyhow, I love it so far-even if I have already cried a few times.


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