Weekend Splendor

This past weekend was superbly relaxing. Friday night was spent lounging about in the living room a little Modern Fam and American Horror Story. (I also went to the gym you’ll be glad to know!) And a little wine. Let’s be honest though I was falling asleep by 10 and in bed by 10:30. Don’t judge me.

Saturday was very productive-I got most of my supplies for my Halloween costume. It’s a surprise so don’t even ask! Haha. And then I went over to my friend’s little Pumpkin carving shindig. It was amazing and got very college when we started playing some cards drinking games. The food was all amazing.

photo 1

photo 2

She had spider deviled eggs, low-carb pumpkin bread-which was pleasantly delicious!-and of course there were plenty of meats and cheeses. Drool.

photo 3

Also, can we please admire those superb pumpkins?! Anyone recognize the one on the left? We’ve got Sloth from the Goonies, a crafty little multi-eyed one, terrifying and timely Ebola pumpkin, and two Halloween classics!

Then today, I really just spent all day packing for my travels coming up! I can’t wait to share my pics and all my stories!


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