Nashville, Baby, Nashville

To complete my brief little review of last summer’s travels I thought I’d mention Nashville. Let me preface this post by saying that unfortunately I was not in Nashville long. At all. Like, less than a week. But, let me also say that when I like something, I know right off the bat.


(Also, small side note, I’m a huge huge huge country music fan so to say I’m a little biased in my feelings towards Nashville would be the understatement of a lifetime.)

Anywho, yes unfortunately I was only in Nashville for a week less than a week. I did get to explore a weeee bit, however.


While I was there I got to see a few sites and went to some PHENOMENAL restaurants (I really, really wish I had a blog then so that I wouldn’t be rattling my brain right now come up empty handed trying to remember the name of the amazing final dinner we had there, but alas).

1233431_10101262824775899_1471770074_n I am planning on going back in the somewhat, relatively near future so if you have any suggestions for must-see’s, must-do’s, must-eat’s, must-hear’s let me know!!

Hopefully next time around I’ll get some better photos and some more time to really experience good ole’ Nashville!



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