Tory Burch’s Private Sale

So I know I haven’t really posted about style or fashion or any of those things, but I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on some amazing deals…

Well right now Tory Burch is having their Private Sale.There are so many amazing things on sale right now. You can check out some of my faves below!jacketThe Kendra Jacket is marked down from $1,295 to $349. I mean come on! That, in and of itself, should be enough to convince you all to trot on over and check out the sale. But even if it weren’t such an amazing markdown, this is a great fall jacket-with hand-sewn beads and that amazing chocolate wool, this is an amazingly sharp, tailored jacket.betsy jacketThe Betsy Jacket is marked down from $550 to $229. I know that those sporty J Crew (and all the other hundreds of brands that have hopped on this trend) vest things are all the rage especially with college gals, but I think this may be the better version of it. The detail in those amazingly comfy looking sleeves and the fact that it’s goose down and feathers just makes it worth every penny. I think you can manage to fit this into your winter wardrobe!holiday dressThe Inga Dress is such an amazingly versatile dress. Pictured above is a very spring, summery look with flats and no sleeves, and call me crazy, but I can picture this as your holiday party dress! The collar is detachable, and I think with some black tights, a black turtleneck or long-sleeved blouse with some be-dazzled black heels could make this dress perfect for Winter 2014. The Inga Dress is marked down from $695 to $229.hand bagThe Robinson Dome Satchel is so so classic and gorgeous. Marked down from $550 to $385, this bag is timeless and by no means exclusive to any particular season. If you’re looking for a classic bag to use for seasons upon seasons, this is your chance to get a beautiful piece, at a beautiful price.There are also a ton of summer pieces in case you have any amazing tropical vacations this winter, in which case I am so jealous. So, go check out this amazing sale before it ends! There really are some amazing discounts.xo!


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