To Be (Everything) or Not to Be (Everything)

I feel like I struggle constantly with what I want to be and I’ve realized that maybe that’s because I’m trying to peg myself as one person when in reality I’m pretty multi-faceted. But, I feel like this article is pretty accurate…

It seems like everyone’s starting a blog (ahem, no judgement here) and everyone is trying to fashion their own unique brand. Maybe its the millennial attitude (ugh, I almost threw up in my mouth just typing that-how much can people really blame on the millenials. ugh but anyways…) but honestly if it doesn’t fit, create something that does! I’m sorry but that sounds like the epitome of success to me. Your job doesn’t work for you? Start a side project. Maybe with a little spit and shine hard work, that could become your job. You know, your 9-5? Well let’s be real-when you’re doing a job you love it never ends up being 9-5, it becomes your life, right? It consumes your every waking, and often times, dreaming hours.

I really, really can not argue even a bit with what she says about how this all started with the joy of getting into college…

“It seems like the fill-every-hour-of-the-day mindset underlying this change starts in high school and continues throughout college. You’re basically behind if you don’t play three sports and an instrument, have one paid job, a volunteer position, and an unpaid internship, sing in the choir, run for president of six different clubs, have a social life that makes people jealous on Facebook, and get perfect grades. (Kidding, but only a little.)”

It’s true-I feel like I’m constantly wondering what I am and what I stand for (isn’t that what college prides itself on, by the way? “Discover yourself here at ____________”… “Find yourself at ________”… “Become who you’re meant to be, at ___________”), as if all my activities and hobbies mold me and create a sort of profile for myself. If I get a new task at work I think about how I can update my resume or my LinkedIn profile to represent that in the best possible light. Or how I can work and work to become exceptional at whatever that new task may be. And I don’t even do this with the intent of finding another job-I’ve been at the same company for nearly three years now-it’s purely so I can keep track and manage what I’m doing and where I can be going with what I have. Not to mention, if I don’t have enough going on in my life I can literally feel my body becoming depressed, sluggish, lazy. We all need some positive stressors in our life-yes I was a psych major, Haha.

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop stressing about needing to figure out exactly what I want to be when I grow up. I know you should live like life is short and you never know when your adventure may be over, but I’m going to stop feeling like I need to hurry up and figure it all out. I can be anything and everything I decide to 🙂

So I challenge you to follow my lead and just relax a little this upcoming week…or at least try! Haha



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