Feeling at Home…Away from Home

So this post will probably be too cheesy, but I’m all for the cheesy so sorry if you’re not into that…

Why do I always feel so torn? Being in New York really only solidifies the love I already knew I had for it. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I love so much about New York City. I think it’s that there are so many things to love about the city. How many different stories are walking through this neighborhood or that neighborhood, let alone all of Manhattan. What’s your style? Whatever it is, there are hundreds of shops for it. What are your hobbies? No matter what the climate or environment you need for your hobby, I guarantee you can find others here who love to do the exact same thing, and a place somewhere close by to practice or cultivate that hobby. What type of food do you love? Do you just love to explore new food? Great! There are (almost literally) endless possibilities. Do you hate trying new food? Maybe you only eat the basics and never stray? Guess what! That’s ok too because, again, there are so many possibilities.

So I guess the reason why I love New York City so much is because the possibilities, the experiences, the adventures are endless and they’re always changing.

Maybe if you’re an NYC local you’re judging me thinking how stereotypical and pedantic my comments on “the big apple,” sound. But when I think of how I survived the few weeks after I lost my phone with no GPS, no HopStop, no Yelp, and so on…and actually managed to survive thrive (don’t even care about the level of cheesiness)in the city – I’m fairly certain I earned my stripes. I know I’ll never know what it’s like to really really live there – strike that. Maybe I will one day! Never say never!

The point is that I feel New York City while I’m there. I feel like I’m enmeshed and like I belong and that a certain large part of me feels at home.

Ok so that was really cheesy and whatnot but that’s me I guess.

Be on the lookout for my NYC pictures coming soon!



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