Let’s just do it. Let’s talk about FOOD.

Alright, so I know it’s not the chicest thing to write about food. And honestly I feel like half the time on here I’m talking about food so I’m going to try and switch gears (after this post of course Haha). But I honestly feel like I’d be committing a mortal sin and not fulfilling my duty as a guest at the amazing restaurants I visited, if I didn’t mention them. Let me also preface this by saying, I am in no way a food expert or in a position to judge any dish or dining experience as too this or too that, or lacking in this area or that. My most common issue-that I’m trying to break away from…honestly!-is that once I find a dish anything at all that I like, I tend to stick with it. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?!

Anyhow, even if all the foodies out there don’t agree with me, maybe my little review of my dining adventures this past trip to NYC will help some turistas who are venturing there for the first time 🙂

This trip I spent most of my time in Chelsea so I ate at a few different spots in Chelsea Market. Which by the way is super cool, but super crowded. But also delicious. So depending on your tolerance for crowds and tourists this may or may not be suited for ya.

So the first day we ate at is called Corkbuzz. They have two locations-a wine studio in Union Square, and the wine bar in Chelsea Market. I had the Prosciutto Cotto Sandwich and it was amazing. Exceeded expectations. Like, with a vengeance if that’s possible for expectations of a sandwich? Paired with my favorite-Cabernet Sauvignon (Catena High Mountain) made for a great lunch-time re-introduction to the city.

We also tried, The Green Table. The environment inside this adorable little restaurant was…well…adorable. Like a quick little time-hop on over to a fresh little farm in the French countryside (I would know from all my time spent in the French countryside). I tried the grilled cheese and it was to. die. for. I mean just read the description: raw milk cheddar cheese & seasonal chutney on Orwasher’s Miche, market greens. Amazing. Like I’ve said before, I got a thing for cheese. My only complaint would be that the bread was toasted a little bit much and was a little rough on the roof of my mouth. No complaints! Haha

In addition to those two treats, I visited a familiar spot, Friedmans Lunch. I had been here before-I want to say almost slash about a year ago? Who knows…-and it was just as delicious as it is in my savory memories. I don’t know that I need to say more than good sweet potato fries to convince you, but would blue cheese aioli make a stronger case? Yes? Ok. Blue cheese aioli.

With that said, I am starving…I hope you all have an amazing day 🙂



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