Installment Two of NYC Trip Pics

Halloween and Homecoming were amazing!

Before I get on about that though, check out the last of my pics from NYC!

While I was in NYC I was able to fit in a lot of fun times. One of my very best friends was able to head into the city and we went to this amazing amazing classic Italian restaurant called Malatesta Trattoria. Honestly, I’m a bit biased as I’ve eaten there before but that by no means made it any less magical or delicious. The most delicious meal while I was there, hands down. (But there were plenty of delicious meals don’t get me wrong!)

photo 3

Malatesta Trattoria…

photo 5

I got the spinach gnocchi…heaven…

photo 2(1)

my amazing friend and her awesome boyfriend! So glad I was finally able to meet him…

photo 1

Forever Friends…

photo 2

when you’re happy it shines through you…

photo 4

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, #treatyoself Haha…

photo 1(1)

had to check out the amazing Michael Stars popup store…of course it didn’t disappoint, but I wanted everything!

Thank you New York City for the wonderful, amazing, superb times, as per the usual.



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