We’re Young and We’re Reckless

(Ok maybe not that reckless…)

BUT, what a weekend I had! So as some of you know I was in Knoxville last week. (I took about zero pictures and ate at zero fascinating restaurants…I did work about 12 or 13 hour days almost every day of the week, so sorry about that!)

So Friday I left Knoxville early in the hopes of celebrating Halloween with some of my very best friends. Instead, I spent upwards of ten hours in airports! First a major delay because there was a screw loose in the lavatory (I’m sorry it was an hour and a half flight-pretty sure it would’ve been FINE) and then the maintenance men on their way to fix it got a flat tire. I know, are you kidding me? It was like somebody was writing this crap! Am I on Punk’d here?! I already knew I had a tiny/almost non-existent layover so I was stressing out. So I miss my next flight by 5 or 10 minutes and deal with a few extremely rude people in Philly (sorry Philly, but the reputation you’re building with me is just not a great one!) but somehow managed to get on the only other flight out that night-granted, it wouldn’t put me at my destination until 10pm, but I wasn’t complaining! So my amazing friends came to scoop me up from the airport looking like this:


(Apparently some guy started to yell at them out his car window in traffic and when he saw where their lives were at all he could do was laugh! Haha I mean come on you can’t be mad at faces like that!) So then we went to a nice little house party with an amazing basement, dance party. Hello, flashbacks to college! It was awesome though and of course we followed up said dance party with some bangin’ Parmesan bites, cheesy bread, and pizza around 3am.


Miraculously, we woke up around 7 to start getting ready for Homecoming ( I have quite literally no idea how we managed this). I won’t name names, but some of us were hurting more than others…not me! Haha. And by 10 we were on the road to good ole’ JMU! Let me just say…weather was not on our side. It was by far the coldest, windiest, rainiest, most miserable weather I’ve experienced tailgating. Some friends had geniously decided to rent an RV and I’d be lying if I said we didn’t spend a significant amount of time in there using the heather…it was such a beautiful gift. And, somehow JMU decided to get their shit lives together and pull off a win! So that made it all worth it I guess!!! Haha

And I finished off the weekend with a magical T Swift jam session to her new cd. Definitely made all road trips better. I think my 10 hours in airports probably would have been significantly less miserable if I had some of these tunes. Oh and as long as I’m being honest I guess I should confess…I may have picked up a few Christmas things from Target. Now that Halloween is over I am in the holiday spirit!    photo 2I hope you all have a great week and that you’re all surviving this little cold front situation we’ve got!



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