Feelin Myself (And these!)

I need to preface this blog post by saying that after watching the 48th annual Country Music Awards last night I am pretty sure I am on trend this this blog post…I mean, sequins are pretty in this year. Part of me feels like I should be walking around with a bedazzled microphone just to add to any sparkly little number.

With that said, this year I am very, very ready for the holidays. Halloween and Homecoming were great successes and I’m ready to just keep it moving onto Christmas! (Thanksgiving is great too, but for some reason I sort of bundle that in with Christmas? I guess in my mind Christmas is at least the entire month of December…if not more) As the holidays approach I find myself pining pinning the hours away (see what I did there?!). Whether its gorgeous table spreads, amazing Holiday-themed interiors, snow-covered exteriors, or holiday fashions, I can’t help myself! With that said I have found myself pinning a few very similar looks over, and over, as this holiday season approaches. Since I’ll be spending the holidays in Columbia, SC where you shouldn’t need more than a light jacket, even in the dead of winter, I think I can pull off a tulle or sequin skirt this holiday season…what do you think?

Check out some of my inspiration below, and if you dare take a leap down the rabbit hole, check out my pinterest 🙂

NYFW Street Style Day 4

Pretty Edge

sequins + denim + leather

Glitter pants!

Amore Tulle Midi Skirt in Black

Street Style | Tulle

gold sequin jacket

So in honor of all that inspiration…

Here’s some superb pieces online I found to scratch that girly-winter itch that I’ve recently fallen victim to:

All in Good Cheer Peach Tulle Skirt at Lulus.com!

rose skirt

Seamless tank, sequin maxi skirt


never ending night sequin top

star light star bright- beige

see me sequin top - maroon

Pink Tulle Skirt – HERE

Rose Skirt – HERE

Sequin Maxi – HERE

Sequin Leggings – HERE

Sequin Shirt – HERE

Other Sequin Shirt – HERE

Ok the last Sequin Shirt – HERE

What do y’all think of each of these? Any thoughts on sequins for the holidays? Or maybe a nice little tutu-esque skirt? Alright that’s all the wardrobe fantasizing I can afford for one day.



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