Thirsty Thursday

So this will be my first –experimental– installment of Thirsty Thursday!

(everyone cheers so loud that I have to calmly and patiently wait for them to settle down to continue speaking…. 🙂 ANYWAYS)

This week we made an Applejack-O-Lantern

Here’s what we used for ours…(anything we swapped out was simply based on what we could or couldn’t find):

-Myers Rum (Original Dark)
-Laird’s Applejack Apple Brandy
-Kennebunkport Brewing Co. Pumpkin Ale
-Giant brand Pancake syrup 🙂

Also, the recipe calls for “freshly squeezed” juices…yea…we didn’t go for that. Haha we stocked up on a thing of lime juice (you know…the fancy little one in a plastic lime?!) and some Target brand OJ. We class up everything we do, what can I say.

I have to say… the cocktail was quite strong. Delicious, but very strong. Like, holy-shit-let-me-pull-up-a-seat-strong. Like, oh-dear-momma-was-not-prepared-for-this-type-of-medicine-strong. We actually ended up adding quite a bit of orange juice. I will say after we added the orange juice it was quite delicious!

I recommend doubling the amount of orange juice you use and the cocktail will be delicious 🙂

PS-if you are questioning our taste in artwork based on that phenomenal cat picture hanging on our fridge (above) just sit on back because you don’t even know what you’re in store for at this blog!

Have a happy and joyful and tasty thirsty Thursday people!



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