Black Widow, Baby

Have you all heard that song?! So catchy, but let me tell you…when two of your best friends introduce you to that song by way of telling you they have a song about your ex…let me tell you it makes it a little terrifying. I’ve come past that, however, and now I’m on great terms with it. Please excuse my slight musical tangent haha…

Do you want to know how I know I work in northern Virginia and not in New York City? When I wear all black to work I get asked either who I’m mourning or why I’m wearing my witch costume. If I were in New York, I don’t think I’d get a single second glance for wearing an outfit like this! (beware: dangling Christmas lights ahead…)

But alas…I still liked it! Black is always acceptable and I thought I brightened it with some hot pink lip and adorable earrings. What do you think? Is it too Morticia Addams for November? I think not, but let me know! Haha

Poncho – Vince Camuto – Similar here <– PS, they’re having a Veterans Day sale so be sure to check out the promo codes!
Leggings – Apostrophe – Similar here
Boots – Aldo <– these are on sale now, BTW!
Watch – Michael Kors – Similar here and here
Infinity Scarf – Forever 21 <– Looks like they’ve sold out of mine, but I also like this one
Earrings – Kate Spade
Dat lip – MAC: Dear Diary – I think this was actually limited edition, but IMO this is similar in Fuchsia Flash Matte and so is this one in Color 205 – Fuchsia Irresistible

I hope y’all had a great week. Anything exciting going on for you? I’ll leave you with this little treat…if you haven’t checked out the Taylor Swift video, you have to. For anyone who still thinks she’s basic, get outta here. Haha no but really.


Haha alright-I hope you all have a great weekend! xo.


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