Congratulations-you survived hump day! In celebration you should probably treat yourself to a little libation that just happens to taste like a grown up milkshake 🙂

I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life thus far, but I somehow only managed to try a White Russian within the last year. I knowwwwww I know. Please keep your judgments to yourself.

Anyways, for today’s Thirsty Thursday I thought….KISS. Keep it simple stupid! Haha and stick with a delicious cocktail (again) that tastes like an adult milkshake…so without further ado slash drooling…check out the recipe below!

We used:

-1 part Kahlua
-2 parts Skyy vodka (just what we had in our freezer…ya know, in case a party should strike out at any moment)
-1 part Cream

That is seriously all you need! HENCE, the beauty of the White Russian!

Of course, if y’all choose to partake, partake responsibly and have a great Thursday evening 😉

PS-if you’re still confused over the title of this blog post, just google it and maybe you’ll learn a little Russian lingo. You’re welcome.



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