Cyber Monday…on this lovely Tuesday!

Holy macaroni Jacob…was Monday as rough for anyone else as it was for me? Sometimes when I take vacation or time off I’m secretly excited to get back to work out of a) sheer boredom b) lack of social interaction from being a homebody and watching an unhealthy number of hours of netflix, OR c) my crazy fam drove me nuts and I go to work to remember what sane people are like.

Sometimes I go back into work or come home with a revitalized sense of self and/or restraint as to hating all the idiots of the world. That has kind of happened, in that I have decided to not get so road-ragey so easily. Living in the beltway I’m just going to want to mirder people with my car-that’s half the beauty of living here, am I right?! If I just accept that the good ole United States of America still lets almost anyone get a license and get behind the wheel and if I practice a bit more patience, I think that I can lower my blood pressure a lot, maybe cut out half my daily cuss words, and all-in-all just be a happier person 🙂

BUT ANYWAYS, I am going to be less annoyed. In the wise words of an ice queen who happens to be one of my idols, Let it go! (Let it go…turn away and slam the dooooooor…)

Um, ok, enough of the Frozen references (be honest, how many of you had to turn on those sweet Disney jams as soon as you saw that reference!!) and let’s get serious…how many of y’all are into cyber Monday? I honestly didn’t do a lot of Christmas shopping as I’m trying to save some money for future adventures…but I am just about done! Most of mine was done on Amazon because that’s where my brother finds everything, but man did I do a lot of online window shopping. That adorable Kate Spade commercial has had me hooked since I first saw it…you know, the one with Anna Kendrick…I mean c’mon it makes being locked out (albeit with a bottle of champagne and one adorable puppy) quite appealing! Well after that video and the black Friday coupon e-mails started rollin’ in, I think I window shopped on their site for 48 hours straight! If you’re trying to save money you can at least enjoy the eye candy, am i right?! Well anyways, check out some of my faves below 🙂

oh, and FYI, you can still get 30% off throughout today…enjoy!

cedar street monday

cedar street maise

In Cabaret Pink, because duh

madison ave. collection mattea dress

madison ave. collection clayton dress

madison ave. collection cyber floral ellery dressHonestly there are so many amazingly cute shoes that I’m not even posting any…specifically though (I mean if you’re gonna twist my arm…) those Slater Sneakers have totes kewl casual written all over them.

madison ave. collection necklace

steamer glow statement necklace

secret garden studs

ursula eyewear

Go by and check it out so I can live vicariously through all of you! (And make sure you use code cyber30 so you get those sweet cyber Monday deals!) Hope you all have a great Tuesday and guess what…it’s almost Hump Day! So stay positive and love life! #tooblessedtobestressed Hahaha



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