I hope y’all’s Monday was not manic, and was awesome. Mine was not too shabby. Work this week is a little crazy-lots of work and lots of people out so that means…more work for me. I don’t really mind honestly-I am so much happier if I’m busy. Anyways, do y’all know what tonight is? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014! I’ve been pretty pumped since stalking my fave bloggers instagrams/tumblrs/blogs to check out their behind the scenes snaps. Nothing makes me more envious than those effortless, beachy waves and curls (why doesn’t my hair hold any style whatsoever?!) Oh yea, and they’re pretty in shape I guess too, so that’s inspirational 😉 I think Stef with an F and I will be having a little viewing party-whether we’ll be retaliating against our urge to do 1,000,000 sit-ups by eating buffalo chicken dip and cheesy bread I am unsure…

…and hopefully I’ll have a nice little Thirsty Thursday post to share with y’all 🙂

I thought I’d share a little about the adventures I had this weekend…

So in case y’all haven’t caught on, Fridays are not my night. A wild Friday night to me involves some red wine or maybe a little cocktail, and copious amounts of netflix or literally any Bravo programming whatsoever. So yea Friday night wasn’t really eventful. But Saturday…Saturday was a blast! I’m talking holiday cocktails and holiday crafts! I’m talking ovens, microwaves, paper cutters, hot glue guns….just glorious.

Um please check out my friend’s adorable pup trying to steal some of our many meats and cheeses! Crazy lady! So in order to save money we decided to do all these beautiful, Pinterest-inspired crafts including handmade, paper Christmas ornaments! Once I got started it was hard to stop me… So as my friend moved on to a nice minty, sugar body scrub and beautifully adorned Styrofoam trees, I was stuck on the Christmas colored paper. To be fair, check out my inspiration below!

This is not my photo-just a good ‘ole fashioned screenshot from Pinterest. And yes I am aware this is Hanukkah colors, but c’mon! You could use this bad boy for many a festive gathering! Wedding photo backdrops, birthday parties, baby showers,…Christmas decorating! So needless to say I am still working on this project (I forgot to borrow my stapler from work yesterday so wish me a better memory today haha). Check out my version of Martha Stewart below!

So anyways hopefully I will have an update of my crafting extravaganza some point soon. What with tonight’s show and the impeding hardcore snacking we will be doing I will be going to the gym every day this week 🙂 Yes be proud please! Anyways hope y’all had a great Monday, and thanks for stoppin’ by!



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