Eat Well, Travel Often…

Happy Hump Day y’all! Congratulations to us-we made it halfway through the week 🙂

Lately I haven’t been able to think about anything but how much I want slash need to go somewhere warm. (Especially since I’ve been very good about working out lately in hopes that I don’t become that girl that hits up the gym non-stop after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – instead, I started hitting it up weeks ago. Success?! I think so!)

So back to warm thoughts…In August I went to Florida and it was perfect! I found a cheap flight and just went down for a long weekend. My friend let me crash with him and his roommate who happen to be in med school and (perfect timing) they happened to be done with exams right before I got there and ready for some beach adventures in Siesta Key!….But that was forever ago! Honestly right now DC is just too cold for life to even go on. Death. Maybe it was the assortment of icicles on my bumper this yesterday morning, or maybe the fact that my double layered, ski coat from Northface is my go-to fashion piece at the moment (sob), but I need a little tan and a whole lotta warmth. (A nice frozen drink in my hand wouldn’t be so bad, either! haha.)

SO, in order to help Stef with an F and myself save some dinero for said upcoming adventures, (the ultimate cross-country road trip, a cruise to the Bahamas, maybe the Virgin islands, Mexico…honestly, I’m ok with Siesta Key or San Diego!) we crafted ourselves some nice little Mason Jars! (I know, I know…you’re thinking, “So where are you going with this?”) You know to cheesily, symbolically, and of course…physically, hold savings for our adventures! (Absolutely necessary for me because I have no self control when it comes to money that’s actually IN my account. Also there are all those, ya know…bills! Hopefully their physical presence will inspire me to grow that lil savings.) To be honest they’re really more like cookie jars slash PLUS SIZE mason jars-hey, more room for those dollah, dollah bills y’all…and therefore, more adventures to be had 🙂 Check out some of the inspiration we used to craft and paint below! (You can find more on my pinterest here…)

unicornpetalspainted vaseseverywehrecityeatwell

I ended up painting some petals on mine with the text “Eat Well, Travel Often.” Stef with an F took a different approach and painted on hers, “Disregard females, acquire $$$.” LOVE.

I’m truly sorry I couldn’t share any gorgeous, tropical photos with y’all today to make you insanely jealous, but maybe if all this savings business goes well, we’ll be able to post some Victoria’s-Secret-Fashion-Show-inspired, scantly-clad, frozen-drink-in-hand, bikini-babe-selfies!

PS – Be sure to stop by tomorrow since Thirsty Thursday will be back once again! Yum!



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