Thirsty Thursday is BACK!

…and classier than ever. Ok, maybe not, like, ever, but still pretty dang classy if ya ask me!

Stef with an F and I decided to put a new twist on an old classic. (Vom. That was a little too cheesy slash cliche, even for me!) Haha but in all honesty…that’s what happened. To celebrate the VS Fashion show in ultimate style we enjoyed some delish Champagne! It just so happens that we added a few other ingredients to it. (Relax, it wasn’t crazy expensive champagne so don’t give me any crap about ruining the “purity” of those amazing bubbles lol) So anyways…I found this delicious recipe online at the Absolut website. Mmm…don’t you wish you had right now?!

With a little help from Vodka and Cranberry juice (hilariously ironic as I absolutely hate cranberry vodkas) we mixed up a lovely little cocktail! PS, it’s called a Champagne Cosmo 😉 Wooo…

Here’s the ingredients used:

-1 part Absolut Citron
-1 part Cranberry juice

As the fashion show went on and we watched all the rhinestones and glitter and mile-long legs trot on down the runway I couldn’t help but think how if only I were a full foot taller maybe I too could be knighted an angel of the round table. Just kidding. Kind of. But in all seriousness each and every song and sequence was better than the last. Usually there’s at least one segment where I feel a little ehhh, but not this year. Perfection. Ed Sheeran + Hozier? Love. And closing out the fashion show with my absolute favorite new song-Style-by Taylor Swift?! Couldn’t have been more perfect. Love love love. Also, I have to admit that I really think I definitely, absolutely, need a colorful little bolero jacket a la VSFS2014. The Exotic Traveler segment really made me want to go shopping and strengthened my previously mentioned need to travel.

Hope y’all weeks finish lovely and I’ll talk to ya soon! 🙂



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