Mumsy’s Birthday!!

Hi everyone! So yesterday was my dear ole Mumsy’s birthday! And I think I really got her an awesome present. For me it’s always tough buying presents for parents. As a broke 20-something with parents who just buy themselves whatever they want, and what’s left to buy is big things that I just can’t afford, I think its almost impossible to get them something they’ll actually use instead of knick-knacks. (Which, by the way, my mom freaks out when I get her. Not a fan of the random filler presents lol.) As I mentioned before, I warned them that this year the Christmas gifts I hand out will be much smaller, on account of my gorgeous smile. 🙂 Of course, this tightened budget is even tougher with my mom’s birthday and my parents’ anniversary right around the same time. (Not that I get them presents for their anniversary haha. That’s their holiday, not mine!)

What made this gift shopping even tougher is that my mom wanted something from MaryKay. What’s wrong with that you may ask? Well I don’t freakin’ know anyone who sells MaryKay! Does anyone sell it anymore?! My one friend who did/does, wouldn’t have had enough sales by Christmas to get what my mom asked for. Oh…and…they don’t sell what she wanted anymore. This woman. I told her I’d try to find a replacement, something similar. “I want that one.” I explained they don’t sell it anymore. “I want that one.” I don’t have any friends who even sell MaryKay. “I want that one.” Clearly, I can’t. Well, in the end, she finally got the message. She wasn’t getting her dang, discontinued sugar scrub. She should really be happy though because – in my opinion – what she’s getting is way nicer. Also…there’s that silly little perk that you don’t have to go through someone special who sells these products…all you have to do is hop on the internet and search for it like a normal person in 2014.

Mom's Birthday

1. Caudalie Divine Scrub

2. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

3. DIY Minty Sugar Scrub

So, with my amazing gift my mother has a lovely array of very nice scrubs she can choose from that sell at Nordstrom and other department and beauty stores. The last one – the DIY – is awesome, by the way. When we had Christmas crafting the other night my friend made a bunch of these so I was able to keep one for myself 🙂  It is/was my first experience with coconut oil (I know, who am I?! Welcome to 2014) and it was amazing! I used it on my face and my arms. It was perfect on my face because it scrubbed it clean but was still moisturized which is great since I’m definitely that person that gets the shower as hot as possible which I know is soooo bad. And in the winter my skin is so dry it’s absolutely necessary to moisturize 🙂 On my arms I get those annoying little red bumps – especially in the winter. (Ugh can you tell I’m already over this horrible winter weather? And it’s not even that bad yet…) So anyways, I hope she appreciates it as much as I think she will! And if she doesn’t like any of the products, I’ll just have to take them on home with me 😉 Haha.

Have a perfect Thursday!



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