Merry Christmas Eve!

Is everyone home for the holidays?! I took the whole week off work and headed down to good ole’ South Carolina Monday. LET me tell you…road trips with a wild cat trying to prowl around your car is slightly difficult. I mean Scooter’s pretty good for the most part, but there were a few times where he would try and swat at the windshield wipers and leap onto the dashboard. Not cool in my car. Also it rained the ENTIRE drive down. 7.5 hours. Of rain. Not only that but it was that awful misty junk that just sort of stays on your windshield? And it makes no difference what speed your windshield wipers are going at it’s just stuck on there? What is that? Anyways needless to say the drive was quite the pain adventure.

Anyways I honestly don’t have a lot going on other than the whole Christmas thing. I want to go wander around campus but it’s such yucky weather I really just want to get the fireplace going and cuddle up and watch Christmas movies and scour the internet!

Yesterday, however, my mom invited her personal trainer over. Why you may ask? Oh because she’s trying to perform an arranged marriage between himself and myself (does one perform an arranged marriage!?). He also has two children from his first marriage that my mom wanted to meet because they truly looked adorable from the pictures. And guess what…holy crap were they the cutest kids ever! I’m talking full on dinosaur impressions and ADORABLE shock and awe over my moms Christmas candy bar.

Should we discuss the fact that my mom has just given up on me meeting my own man and is trying to not just set me up, but set me up for baby-mama-drama from the get-go?! I know that I’m single and all that but…I just don’t know. ANYWAYS my brother of course can’t stop making fun of me slash the entire situation. “Ashley, you don’t even have to pop out kids! You’re so lucky!” But anyways it ended up being fine 🙂

Do y’all have any good Christmas Eve traditions? We don’t really have any traditions per se, but we do always go to church on Christmas Eve which I love. We used to open up one present on Christmas Eve (how did my brother and I manage, as children, to peer pressure our parents?! Haha), but as we’ve gotten older we tend to not do that anymore…gotta save all the excitement for Christmas morning!!

I hope y’all have a sweet sweet Christmas! Remember to soak in all the love surrounding you-you’ll need it when you have to get back to that grind Monday haha.

Merry Christmas Eve friends!



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