Well hallo little ones. I hope you all are preparing for stupendous New Years and New Years Eve with all the amazing people you surround yourselves with!

As promised I’ve finished my 12 little HUGE goals for 2015. With that said, I reserve the right to change or edit them if need be. THIS MEANS that if I decide I can run two miles each day for the month of March as opposed to the goal of one mile per day, then I can change it to that. Or, if I decide that for August instead of drawing something every day I’ve come up with this brilliant amazing, truly phenomenal idea that I hadn’t thought of at this point in time to be monthly goal…I can change my goal to the new one instead. Sorry. No, actually I’m not. [Drumroll, please…] Without further ado, here they are:

 photo F7D1100A-B9DD-4D0C-B4AA-FC7C02C029F8_zpsewscjhdn.jpg


No clothes shopping!


Write something each day.


Run (at least) a mile every. Single. Day.


Paint something each day.


No meat! (I’m currently working on no bacon so…working my way up there!)

 photo BC211B78-184B-42DF-A108-CC0E20E07999_zpsamnxc1c4.jpgJune

No alcohol!


Picture Diary! Share a pic every day.


Draw something every day.


No starbucks! None! At all! Aghhhhhh.


Try a new recipe every day. Doesn’t have to be for every meal, but at least one per day!

 photo 42487FD0-A564-487A-93AC-C40248B6127B_zpsuplz05jp.jpg


No eating out! At all! For an entire month! Aghhh.


Apply to a different job in a different city and/or state, each day!

So that is what I have to say about that!! Again, I welcome any and all suggestions and I can’t wait to share my adventures!

Stay safe if you’re doing anything wild and exciting tonight. Be good to each other. And I hope you come back in 2015 to hear more about my adventures and hopes and dreams and ramblings 🙂



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