So I Have to Take .2 Seconds to Brag…

BUT let me explain why!! Yesterday Stef with an F and myself completed THIS bad boy: I mean...holy crap...first off, I take the stairs up to my office (4 flights thank ya very much!) and this morning my buns were burninnnnnn. And let me tell you, after a workout like that nothing feels better than... Continue Reading →


Happy Hump Day!

Woo wee. I am feeling much better guys. Infinitely, incredibly better. I will never EVER stop taking my vitamins while working in an office during winter and awful cold season again! It's a good thing I'm feeling better because I have quite the adventure coming up! (And I don't even mean that the next season... Continue Reading →

BLIMEY, I’m Hungry for some Donuts

Oh hemeow. Yesterday I called sick out of work and watched [almost] all of Peaky Blinders and am feeling much better today. This is going to be a short blog post because it's really more of a public service announcement... What I'm asking of citizens of this great nation is just to take a pause... Continue Reading →

Too Much Activity…Too Much Sick

Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy. I have felt like crap the past few days and it doesn't help that its miserably cold and just UGH outside since it snowed last week. Even so...Stef with an F's bff Ash came to visit us so I still wanted to be pretty active! Thursday night we went to a... Continue Reading →

Snow Day (Does not equal a vacation day)

Holy moly guys! [Lulz I could hardly type that with a straight face.] But in all seriousness it snowed last night. And it snowed this morning. And it's still snowing now. And I don't care what the news says or any government official says they most certainly didn't pre-treat the roads for diddly squat. Like... Continue Reading →

January Babes

Did y'all have an amazing beginning to 2015?! I rang in the new year downtown with new friends and family and just had a ball. It was awesome and exhausting, like any great night should be. But seriously, my legs are sore from dancing so much! It was great. 2015 starts my year of many... Continue Reading →

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