January Babes

Did y’all have an amazing beginning to 2015?! I rang in the new year downtown with new friends and family and just had a ball. It was awesome and exhausting, like any great night should be. But seriously, my legs are sore from dancing so much! It was great.

 photo CD55D788-741E-4648-876A-4D1CD6DEBFB2_zpsmq2emc2k.jpg

2015 starts my year of many challenges so let’s dive in with January’s…

No clothes shopping!

This may sound like not a big deal to a lot of you out there and for that I’m impressed/jealous/also sort of sad for you. In the world that I live in – or in my head, I suppose – I like to look good. It makes me feel good. Look good, feel good, right?! And I like to feel like I look good. And for me that means wearing certain clothes. Now I don’t want you to think that means I’m out dropping thousands (or hundreds, if it’s vintage I suppose) on some Balmain piece of art. [That would be lovely, don’t get me wrong.] That’s not the reality I live in at this point in life – I’m still confused about why I wasn’t born with an unlimited trust fund or why I haven’t won the lottery somehow haha. I’m all about finding a gem at Forever 21 that just makes me feel cool.

Well that will not be what happens in January this year. January will be a month of getting creative and remixing my old favorites. I’m actually pretty good at this already. I can get one new piece and mix it with something I’ve had since 2006 and it all just somehow works. I also sort of have a gift of finding a good deal. If I’m on the hunt for a certain piece, be it a purse or boots or whatever, and I know exactly what I’m looking for…I could end up saving a ton, just by shopping during a huge sale or using one of those discount sites. But…I’m sure that in my mind I probably use that as an excuse to do more shopping in the long run… “Oh, this was only $75 so really it doesn’t really count…” or “Oh I bought three shirts but they’re all from Forever 21 sale rack so it really hardly counts…”

It is based on all this that January is my no-clothes-shopping-challenge-month. I think that I can do it. My first step at making it easier is going to be blindly deleting all of my junk email I get about this sale or that sale. [I get SO much of that email crap…and it sucks me in!] Well not in January 2015! Wish me luck 🙂

Like I mentioned before, this weekend we’re moving into a new place! It’ll be bigger and I can’t wait to have a little more room for our crazy clan! Wish us luck and if I disappear for a few days, you know why 😉

Happy 2015 & have a great weekend!



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