Snow Day (Does not equal a vacation day)

Holy moly guys! [Lulz I could hardly type that with a straight face.] But in all seriousness it snowed last night. And it snowed this morning. And it’s still snowing now. And I don’t care what the news says or any government official says they most certainly didn’t pre-treat the roads for diddly squat. Like I said, I don’t care what they say!

But before I get into that, let me give you all a recap of the past few days…

So Friday I had work all day, then came home and started packing up and getting ready to move (Duh duh duhhhhhhh). Friday night some me and some friends started moving bigger furniture from the old apartment to the new one. We worked non-stop taking trips from 6 until about 9:30. It was exhausting. Finished up the evening at the old apartment with a total sleepover in the living room. We’re talking air mattress, couch, loveseat snoozin! It was kind of amazing and perfect actually. Great way to spend the last night of the last chapter!

The next mornin’ we picked up some bagels and coffee and headed to the new place to try and get some stuff in order before more friends came to do some heavy lifting. [I love slash need to be organized and have things my own certain way so the fact that I was able to just take trip after trip of dropping junk off without putting everything in it’s special place right away is a miracle in and of itself.] After that we all just started taking as many small trips as we could from the old place to the new place with things we were each able to lift. OH BY THE WAY did I happen to mention it was raining?! Because of course. Why wouldn’t it. And it was no joke wayyyy more freezing Saturday during the day than it was Friday night. Even after all that our friends came over and did MORE heavy lifting for us to transport things to the new place. And we were done before 4 🙂 Finished off the day with some cleaning at the old place and some wings and beers. YUM. So Successful. Sunday was freezing and filled with long discussions with Verizon that actually weren’t even resolved until yesterday (I can’t so I’m not even getting into that) and lots and lots of organizing and hanging curtains and pictures and just greatness BUT exhaustingness.

OH, and of course yesterday was back to the full on grind. Everybody and their mother was at work! It was kind of great. But also slightly stressful because I hate hate hate loathe entirely, being bored. Even more so when I feel like people around me can see that and I keep trying to look busy but in all honesty I had nothing to do. I shouldn’t have felt too guilty because nobody had work to do honestly.

On a completely separate and random note, I feel like I need to go ahead and point out that my horoscope for the year has confirmed that it is going to be a great/huge/amazing year for my career – albeit with a lot of hard work it said! BUT that I will basically have no love life until August. Which sounds about right because in August of 2013 I told myself I was going to be consciously (consciously uncoupling reference anyone?!) single for an entire year. Just focus on me me me. Well three months later and bam! I was with he who shall not be named. Well this August I saw that note I had written myself in my iPhone notes and thought that I should give that a shot again! (a full year in addition to the however many months since I had broken up with he who shall not be named.) Honestly, I’m not worried about being single or anything, especially with the promise and expectation of a huge career year and all the adventures I want to have this year! That is super super exciting and slightly intimidating to me!

Anyways I hope y’all had a great weekend (following an amazing new year of course!) and are significantly less exhausted than I am! If it’s snowing where you are too…be safe! And enjoy! And take lots of cute snowy selfies!



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