Too Much Activity…Too Much Sick

Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy. I have felt like crap the past few days and it doesn’t help that its miserably cold and just UGH outside since it snowed last week. Even so…Stef with an F’s bff Ash came to visit us so I still wanted to be pretty active! Thursday night we went to a comedy show which was HILarious. Other than the show I went to in NYC this was my only one and it exceeded my expectations! I’ll definitely be going back. However, if I get an awkward arm or shoulder or neck squeeze from one of the workers this time I’m thinking about giving him the up down because homie don’t play dat. YEA! Haha anyways then Friday we went to a show a band we know was playing that so happens to have a few friends of friends of friends in it? And that was awesome. I wish more people would’ve been at the bar, but don’t fret…there was one lady there dancing making up for the lack of other people. I’m talking Mennonite length never-been-dyed-hair, braided down to her butt, in her skirt suit from work just up there GETTIN it in her sensible heels. This woman was just going with the flow, what her arms wanted to do, they did. What her head and her body wanted to do, she let them. That was probably half my entertainment honestly!

Yesterday we grabbed ourselves some amazing brunch at the oh-so-classy Silver Diner and ya know what? It was the best service we had the entire weekend. Oh and also I ate this:

THIS IS IN MY BELLY NOW #glutenfree #carbfree #jk #foodporn #nannersforev

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Later that evening… we went out to a bar for a bit (ugh still feeling like crap at this point btw) to watch the Panthers game and I swear to you all that I am bad luck for them! Every time I’ve watched them I think they’ve lost? Maybe I need to start watching them for every game to convince myself otherwise. Or maybe I truly am bad luck and I’ll have to sit alone in my room crying while my friends watch their games? SOB.

This morning we headed out to DC with a new brunch spot in mind but they couldn’t seat all of us – Ash invited her in-laws who live up here out to meet us! – and parking was awful slash insane… even by DC standards. So we ended up closer to the Mall and chose a new place. Well wouldn’t ya know…lo and behold…it was tapas style Mexican brunch. We try a non-El Centro brunch spot and we really just sort of end up eating El Centro! C’est la vie… THIS IS SIPE, afterall 😉 I must say it was delish and while I didn’t try any of the mimosas, they sounded DELISH.

I’m hoping i start to feel better this week…I feel like I was so lazy this weekend even with those outings… No gym sessions, major sleeping in and going to sleep early, and I still feel blah. In other news, I should’ve taken my new camera out for these adventures this weekend but I just didn’t feel up to not breaking or dropping or slipping on ice and then breaking or dropping, it. That just seemed like way too much of a challenge, so it sat safe and warm in my room at home. But, I figured I should share some of my first pics on it 🙂 They’re of our crazy Scoots and Sadie so if you have no soul and dislike animals, just keep it movin!

So yes…I will try to take more photos (only slightly fewer ones of our beloved fur babies) and try to get better and get back on the grind. Le sigh. OH I have to share my excitement over us finally getting Wifi and cable again! It’s a Christmas miracle…a few days late. I will be free to surf every corner of the internet, watch all the television (GIRLS comes back on tonight, hallelujah), and watch all of Netflix (fyi, I finished The Fall and have now moved on to Peaky Blinders) soooo that should help get me through my sickness 🙂

Hope y’all have a great Monday and stay freakin’ warm out there holy crap!!!



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