BLIMEY, I’m Hungry for some Donuts

Oh hemeow. Yesterday I called sick out of work and watched [almost] all of Peaky Blinders and am feeling much better today. This is going to be a short blog post because it’s really more of a public service announcement… What I’m asking of citizens of this great nation is just to take a pause in your day to day lives. When you all think of posting delicious, mouth-watering photos of donuts (with cereal on top?! Drool) just take a moment and think of…me. Because I’m over here with this


I’m SORRY but does that picture not make you want to cry? What a sad looking “salad”.

And ya know what? It’s not easy. Especially when you think you get the Italian or Caesar (it was not labeled so I couldn’t be sure) dressing BUT you end up with some raspberry or fruity crap?! Sigh. It was just too much of a task to eat the peppers too so I scraped up all the Parmesan and croutons and corn ❤️❤️❤️ because life.

On that note have a GREAT rest of your Tuesday, and remember to think twice before you post pics of donuts 🍩



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