Happy Hump Day!

Woo wee. I am feeling much better guys. Infinitely, incredibly better. I will never EVER stop taking my vitamins while working in an office during winter and awful cold season again! It’s a good thing I’m feeling better because I have quite the adventure coming up! (And I don’t even mean that the next season of The Fall coming to Netflix-nay nay followers, it’s even bigger than that!)

 photo a5829e7b-1e44-47c5-9687-770c74164051_zps7ef3f311.jpg

This weekend I’ll be traveling on up to Jersey for an Engagement Party for one of my very best friends! Road trip, here we go. Is it acceptable to blast Hoodie Allen and Taylor Swift non-stop for 4 hours? Yes? No? Regardless it’s happening šŸ™‚ I’m sure we will be looking at gorgeous dresses on Saturday and great times will be had on Sunday at the Engagement Party. I wish it were significantly warmer so maybe I could enjoy the beach in the best way possible (ahem…a bikini please!). Oh well-maybe next time haha.

(Some throwbacks with the bride-to-be…)

 photo 6366D348-634D-4518-8EEB-C9FA91110494_zpsffsazbfu.jpg

 photo 7DC825BE-60A6-4156-8A5D-0662E9904684_zpsjwg97eww.jpg

I hope y’all have a great hump day! I’ll be preparing myself for adventures to come.



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