why I think I may have accidentally done crack last night…

K, maybe that's dramatic...but then again maybe not! Last night I seriously had the most cracked out dream. So the world was being invaded by aliens (I think? can't be sure...) so my dream started out with me and some friend (no idea who) trekking to this big stadium. This is where everyone that was... Continue Reading →


The Loser’s Book List

Am I alone in thinking this week was so long?! I'm not sure why it felt so miserably long since I had an amazing snow day on Tuesday. Work was very very busy and crazy this week - nothing going according to plan, other people's drama, and just the general freezing to death experienced every... Continue Reading →

Wut a rut.

I feel like this cold is seriously driving me insane. I mean I'm the person wearing a hoodie in summer because I'm chilly. I feel like I'm at that point where your skin kind of looks purple/blue because you're so cold! Not a good look! I've even been using my tanning lotion to try and... Continue Reading →

Oops. Sorry I forgot what productivity was.

Yesterday was a snow day for me. My first glorious, wonderful, amazing snow day of the year. Instead of: -writing a blog post -cleaning my insane room -unpacking from this weekend -studying at all for the gres -reading my newest book -re-watching peaky blinders (...again!) -building a snow man -building a snow fort -working out... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday People

Oye lorday what a weekend. I still feel exhausted (and cold...though I think that goes without saying). For my friend's birthday she rented a little house by a ski resort for a bunch of us to all stay in. It was so unique and I guess it's been featured on the Travel Channel? Each of... Continue Reading →

Oh no!

"Oh no! Write before midnight!" I tell myself... Happy Valentines day everyone! I'm spending mine with great friends in a creepy/slightly haunted home in the mountains of PA... (More on that later haha). xo!!!

Redeeming Qualities for Today…

So today has been a little rage enducing to be honest...BUT I took my lunch break, did some walking, some small shopping (for bday presents NOT for myself...unfortunately 🙂 haha) and I'm getting over my annoyances for the day...by focusing on the positive! Redeeming Qualities for Today: 1. Taylor Swift's newest music video for her... Continue Reading →

Wait, why aren’t I going on a tropical vacation?!

Recently while being chastised by my dear friend for not updating my blog (OOPS what can I say?!) she informed me (brace for jealousy) she would be taking a lovely little tropical vacation soon and needed some tips for packing! So I'll start off by saying how jealous I am. I stopped indoor tanning almost... Continue Reading →

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