Don’t call it a comeback…

WOW so much to write. I guess I’ll just start at the beginning…

So my goal for January was to not do any clothes shopping. It’s debatable whether I passed this test or not. Let me explain… Towards the beginning of the month I bought a pair of sunglasses from Anthropologie. Couldn’t resist! They were the $20 version of these Prada ones I have been ogling for, like, a year now! and $20 for Anthropologie ain’t too shabby IMO. But I figured they technically aren’t clothing so I didn’t count them (and felt approximately 0% guilty for the purchase). The second time I think I may have broken the rules was on January 31st. I remember the day like it was yesterday…ok not really haha. I was at PINK with Stef with an F and they just had the cutest undies and I really needed some new ones (one of the boy shorts said “Party Now Run Later,” I mean how could I resist?!) so I bought some. YOLO, I guess. I know that’s technically clothing, but it’s like bottom layer! So IDK I guess you could say I cheated but I’m actually really proud of myself and I think I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish!

I am especially proud of myself for one particular purchase that I put off until dark and dreary February… So in case anyone missed the memo over-the-knee boots are having a moment. I got a pair of chunky heeled ones that are basically my life but I have been wanting some flat ones (Stuart Weitzman?! Are you listening?! Answer my prayers please!). Of course I ogled over some dreamy (and expensive) ones for months and months and even with the holiday sales I just couldn’t justify spending that much. AND THEN one blustery day in the dirty Jerz…I had to go to DSW with some of the bridal party for emergency footwear shopping and I saw them. (Insert heavenly, holy music and angels coming down from the sky). BUT, I stayed strong and didn’t buy them. But by the time February had come around I was still dreaming of them. I mean, c’mon…the $50 version of a $500 pair of boots? That is definitely in the 2015 budget!!

So now I can happily report that I have a beautiful pair of not-so-designer, designer boots. Not bought until February. Almost half a month after originally laying my eyes on them. Again, zero regrets 🙂

SO, here we are in February, more than a week deep. I believe slash know that my resolution slash goal for this month is to write something every day. Well that clearly has not happened thus far! But hey, there’s no reason to completely throw the towel in now! I still have three weeks to keep my word and do the damn thing!

So I raise my right hand and do solemnly swear to write every day for the remainder of February, and to do so eloquently and wonderfully. Ok maybe not to THAT extent…but to at least write something.

Have a great Monday people 🙂



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