Coffee? Dessert? No. And yes. Please.

So obviously I am challenging myself with all these little” monthly challenges, but I also have a secret little covert one going on that I haven’t mentioned…yet

A month ago when I was sick I didn’t have coffee for a few days…which turned into me seeing as long as I could go with no caffeine coffee. This was quite an intimidating challenge for me because if I don’t start out my day with a venti iced latte, I’ll have at least two cups of regular coffee in the morning. After lunch if I get that 2 o’clock feeling (does anybody out there not?!), why not have another cup? When I was in college (dare I say highschool too, maybe?) I could have coffee in the evening and still be able to sleep through the night, and get up in the morning, no problem. Both of my parents drink coffee and my dad really drinks coffee. I mean, has the pot on all day so he can have a cup ready to heat up at all times. He has now stopped drinking coffee after dinner so that’s a big accomplishment! He also has severe acid reflux and dare I say GERD? Maybe not fully yet, but he’s probably on his way to it. Google it if you want to be completely grossed out.

I’ve always toyed with the idea of giving up caffeine coffee and been really impressed with the people I’d talk to who had given up caffeine. “<GASP!> HOW DID YOU DO IT?!”

So after I was sick and hadn’t indulged in a few days I figured…why not keep it up? See how long I can go?!

So here we are…a MONTH later and I’ve had no coffee!!!! Yes, I do still have caffeine. Every morning I have a cup of black tea with some honey. And I have found (I feel like this is definitely related) that I crave sweet things so so so much more since I’ve stopped drinking coffee sugary, sweet delicious Starbucks every morning. I’m normally that person that can go to town on a bag of potato chips. Party size? Even better. LOVE me some salty snacks. But lately I’ve craved all kinds of desserts. So strange! And since I know you’re thinking it, no, I’m not pregnant! Haha. Crazy people.

That’s the only real change I’ve noticed. I do feel pretty evenly energetic throughout the day, except for right after lunch (SNOOZE, I miss the nap times of years gone by), but I think that’s mostly from working out pretty consistently!

Also, in case anyone is thinking this, I know that there are proven benefits of having a cup of black coffee once a day, but I’m very certain I have an addiction to coffee. Maybe one day I will be able to have a little bit of control and drink it, but I honestly just love the bitter (like my soul?!) taste and I don’t know if I can have it in moderation 😦

Hope y’all have a great hump day! Have a delicious iced vanilla latte in my name today!



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