Wait, why aren’t I going on a tropical vacation?!

Recently while being chastised by my dear friend for not updating my blog (OOPS what can I say?!) she informed me (brace for jealousy) she would be taking a lovely little tropical vacation soon and needed some tips for packing!

So I’ll start off by saying how jealous I am. I stopped indoor tanning almost a year and a half or two years ago (go me!) but I definitely miss it. Other than the wonderful effects it had on my skin (short term – you don’t need to lecture me on the negatives in the long run lol…I did quit going…) it was like my own little personal meditative time. Just me. Maybe music. Warmth. Glowing. Ommm. ANYWAYS, what I’m getting at is that I miss having a damn tan. I use self tanner but I really don’t like doing it and so I procrastinate and procrastinate until my skin is translucent and then I do it once. And the cycle continues.

Now onto my tips on packing/preparing for a beautiful island adventure (I’ll be typing in between my tears over here haha).

Historically, I have a tendency of overpacking. I’m the girl that, when travelling home from college for the weekend I was toting the suitcase that most people use when they’re moving coasts and just pack like TWO bags and up and start a new life. And that doesn’t include all my dirty clothes I was bringing home, FYI. With that said, since those lovely college days I’d like to think I’ve improved. I got pretty good at traveling in 2013 when I was living out of a suitcase for a few months. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much based on the fact that I wore the same things over and over and over again. And honestly, where’s the fun in that?!

I’d say my most important piece of advice is to be realistic when you’re packing (if you have no interest in packing slash toting fifteen suitcases). I have this nasty little habit of zoning out and inventing an entire fantasy about my trip. The outfits, the dinners, the verandas, the yachts, the many suitors that take me out…when in most cases I’m going to be in my swim suit from sun up til sun down. Think about outfits that can double as cover ups and day time outfits (should you dare take off your swim suit – gasp!). And honestly, how many “dress-up” dinners are you going to have? If it really is a few try to maybe only pack one or two pairs of dressier shoes (summer wedges, I assume) that can do over time with several different dresses or outfits. Another hint (in the shoe department, of course) is to not go overboard on sandals. I know it’s great to pretend you’re on the runway every day, but do you really need a different pair of sandals to go with every swimsuit? Probably not. If you’re enjoying a few frozen beach beverages I guarantee you won’t be worried about whats on your feet, or tossed in the sand at the end of your chair. Same goes for bags. And actually any frivolous accessory- necklaces and earrings included! Something else to think of when traveling is the value of what you’re packing… I’ve known several people who have actually had things stolen from their checked bags, when traveling nationally and internationally, on multiple airlines. I never pack anything that I would be completely heartbroken if I lost. If I’m packing some nicer jewelry, I keep it in my purse during the flight and usually at the hotel or resort. Again, if you can’t picture your life without your great grandmothers Spanish pearls…go ahead and leave those at home!

Last piece of advice – not quite in regards to packing – is to always be early! Traveling stresses me out! Coupled with my huge fear of missing my flight/train/ride, it’s way easier for me to be insanely early and grab a drink or food at the airport, than to deal with the heart palpatations I would encounter if there was a shadow of a doubt in my mind that I’d make my flight.

Hope y’all have some exciting plans this weekend, even if it’s just a lovely little staycation! Talk to ya soon.



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