Happy Monday People

Oye lorday what a weekend.

I still feel exhausted (and cold…though I think that goes without saying). For my friend’s birthday she rented a little house by a ski resort for a bunch of us to all stay in. It was so unique and I guess it’s been featured on the Travel Channel? Each of the walls were covered in beer cans. I’m talking every. single. wall. In the bedrooms there were these sliding walls in front of the real wall so they could actually have more beer cans posted up. It was pretty cool, but also slightly hoarder-y haha. I MUST SAY THOUGH…I was slightly disappointed when I picked up one of the cans only to realize that they had just punctured a couple holes in the bottom to drain the beer and a company’s sticker that I guess the owner had bought them from? I feel like if you’re gonna boast about a collection like this you should have drank all the beer! HAha maybe that’s just the JMU grad in me, idk haha.

There were stage lights by the bar. Stage lights!!! That’s just asking for a talent show and/or dance party!

We were in the Pacific Rim room (yes, there were themes), and these were some of my favorite ones…

Check out these babes lining the hallways!

We played a ton of games – celebrity, catchphrase – and played guitar, and hung out by the fireplace, and drank, and just had a great, relaxing time. Saturday the boys went skiing and us girls decided to go tubing. Sadly the lines were so long so we only ended up going twice because it was so freezing outside. Even with our snow gear on my toes and fingers were throbbing after standing around waiting for so long. But it was still fun and worth it!

Saturday night the snow was coming down so aggressively and the wind was so crazy that it seriously looking like The Shining outside. Luckily we were bundled up inside by the fire place…I wish we would’ve brought s’more supplies! That would have completed the weekend.

My aunt and uncle are visiting until Tuesday so tonight we’re going to have a cute family dinner out and then Stef with an F and a few other friends are going to see 50 Shades of Grey (gasp!), so it outta be an interesting night!

Have a great Monday everyone!



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