Wut a rut.

I feel like this cold is seriously driving me insane. I mean I’m the person wearing a hoodie in summer because I’m chilly. I feel like I’m at that point where your skin kind of looks purple/blue because you’re so cold! Not a good look! I’ve even been using my tanning lotion to try and fight the translucent skin look! My nose is almost always cold and unless my hair is down my ears feel like they’re going to fall off of my head. Don’t even get me started on my fingers and toes and their woes! Can you imagine my circulation if I were a smoker?! Not good, people, not good!

In addition to all of this awfulness, I feel like this cold weather has just put me in a fashion rut. I don’t really have to dress up for work (which I don’t really mind much since tights probably couldn’t keep my legs as warm as I need them to be in this polar vortex), so I feel like I wear the same things almost every day. Leggings, jeans, maybe a skirt with tall boots and tights. My leggings are on their last limb, however, and same goes for my tights. I mean, the leggings have been around since 2007 I think! I’ve tried replacing them but they’re just so dang good that none of my replacements have made the cut! I hate when I’m wearing leggings and they get stretched out when I sit down-it drives me NUTS! Anyways that’s what all of the replacements have done.

So I think today I’ll be taking a little trip to the mall to get some staples-leggings, pleather pants (I did say staples, right?!), and hopefully some bright colored sweaters of some sort. Almost all of my scarves and hats and boots and basics are black so I think a nice pop of color could brighten up my dark winter heart 🙂

I am not a shopaholic, I am helping the economy

We’ll see how the haul goes and if I get anything grrrrreat!



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