why I think I may have accidentally done crack last night…

K, maybe that’s dramatic…but then again maybe not!

Last night I seriously had the most cracked out dream. So the world was being invaded by aliens (I think? can’t be sure…) so my dream started out with me and some friend (no idea who) trekking to this big stadium. This is where everyone that was left slash could make it was going to stay safe. Which if you think about it makes zero sense. If the aliens are invading and they’re going to be blowing up the place don’t you think they’d target giant centers like that? Clearly my subconscious isn’t quite as intelligent as my conscious. So once I make it to the stadium somehow I find it to where “my group” is. LET me tell you this group is not filled with the people I would probably want to help save in the apocalypse or alien invasion lol. RANDOM people from high school, ex boyfriends…I mean just why. In the dream I was ok with all the people there except an ex boyfriend who I was just kind of like um why are you here. I guess he was excited I had survived because he was awkwardly touching my cheek and my dream-self just wondered why he was doing it. My dream-self even wondered if he just liked my new haircut hahaha idk…I can’t explain it.


So after awkwardly sitting there wondering why this man is touching my face and everyone in the circle seems so ok with it, my mystery friend decides that we I need to go get supplies – aka alcohol. I’m not even kidding. I don’t know why this group wasn’t worried about nutrition or food or water or anything like that. Clearly we all just thought this would be a quick sleepover in the middle of this massive stadium, so why not party it up. So somehow it’s decided that I have to go to get all of these drinks. Dream me isn’t very worried about heading back out into the dangerous world just to retrieve these, which scares real-life-me. So I set out on my mission and make it to this room/apartment where all this junk is and start trying to collect it and fit it into bags so I can carry as much as possible at once. As I’m organizing everything and putting it together, I hear these sirens start going off which is the signal that everyone needs to get to the stadium because they’ll be closing it off soon. I grab all my stuff and start on my trek back to the stadium. It’s madness outside with people yelling and running around. I don’t see any aliens or zombies or anything, just panicked people. Somehow this girl has lost her group and is all alone so I tell her she can come with me and stay with “my group” so we make it back to the stadium. As we’re going in the entrance we see these “bad guys” who are dressed up in some sort of uniforms – maybe FBI? Hahaha no idea but we hide and evade their flashlights. Success!

Fast forward, I’m in some sort of medical (idk just very sanitary with metal tables and cabinets and whatnot) room with a bunch of people I work with. I had a giant metal tin that had the most random things in it. I don’t know if I thought I was making confetti or potpourri or what but it didn’t make any sense. I had mini fake Fendi bags that I was cutting up into smaller pieces and when I explained what I was doing to my boss she responded, “You’re going to spray paint the pieces gold, right?” Because duh! Why wouldn’t I spray paint them gold?! In addition to that I had some sort of real designer mini bags in there that I was nervous she was going to find out I had bought. Like I would be in trouble for spending money on them. Oh and by the way, I planned on cutting those up too. There were other weird things in the tin but I can’t remember what exactly. Next, apparently I told this girl I work with that I thought she didn’t like me and pointed out every time she did things wrong. So that was awkward.

And that was that.

So today I’ll be decompressing from that. I’ll let you know if any of that comes to fruition lol, but we can all hope not!

Have a great Wednesday 🙂



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