Brain Space

I hope everyone's first half of the week was manageable. Lately I have had a little case of wanderlust/day-dreamy/goofing-off type feelings. So I thought I'd share some of my recent obsessions slash what's been taking up all the space in my brain lately... Fringe. I don't think I need to elaborate as that post pretty much... Continue Reading →


Fringe Baby.

So I would certainly say I've hopped on board the fringe band wagon this year. This woman who used to work with me had a pair of booties with fringe on them. Obsessed. I still remember them fondly. AND THEY WERE FROM THE 80s. Sigh. If I remember correctly they were Ralph Lauren. Again...Sigh. Every... Continue Reading →

Back from Boston…

Wow, so today I head back from Boston and I am just realizing that somehow September has already slipped through my fingers! I know that my last few posts have been fall fashion, fall fashion, oh-em-gee, FALL FASHION! So, I thought today I'd share some pictures showing off what I've been up to lately other than day... Continue Reading →

Flowing Free

I really don't think it makes a difference what season, or time of year...I always come back to Free People style. The real difference with this time of year is that I get to pair most of their looks with some amazing boots...of course. Check out some of my favorite Free People and Free People inspired... Continue Reading →

Lumberjack Style…or something…

So as I mentioned to y'all last week, this past weekend I headed home to visit my family in South Carolina. It was so great seeing my family and for Nick to spend some time with them since our beach trip early this summer. We did quite a bit of shopping with my mom and... Continue Reading →

Scarves, Por favor

Today I am headed to sweet sweet South Carolina to visit my fam! Nothing like a nice long weekend to keep you sane and happy 🙂 Nick, my amazing BF is also going with me and we are definitely pumped for a weekend filled with good eating, lots of visiting, and time on the boat!... Continue Reading →

Boots Boots Boots

Wow. I know I've been posting so many clothes but just let me have this week and then I'll ease up a little, I promise 🙂 So, boots. Always boots. The more, the merrier. Particularly when it comes to boots. If my apartment and closet would allow it, I would just grow and grow and... Continue Reading →

Ima Let You Finish…But These Clothes are Having the Best Weekend Ever

So over the weekend there was definitely a little chill in the air and Saturday it rained basically all day so Nick and I decided to head to the mall. After wandering through Barnes & Noble and every. Furniture. Store. In. There... (which was amazing, by the way)...we headed to a few clothing stores. Can... Continue Reading →

Leggings are Pants.

Wow so after the rainy terrible weather I endured yesterday in NYC and the freezing train ride home, I feel like this blog post is even more applicable-what can I say, I'm a sucker for rain boots and leggings?! If you want to disagree with the title that's fine. I'll just have to tell you... Continue Reading →

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