Oh Em Gee…Druzy Stones Everywhere

Do you ever find yourself on a completely random blog or online boutique and find yourself wondering how exactly you got there? Typically for me it happens through a sort of random train of clicking and liking and jumping from Instagram to blog and so on and so on. I’ve found all my favorite blogs by following this same sort of random clicking and liking, and seeing where it takes me. This same sort of madness has led me to find many boutiques and random vendors or artists online as well. To be clear, I by no means consider myself a Blake Lively or Lauren Conrad (see Preserve or The Little Market), but I think I can recognize a necessity a great piece of fashionable jewelry that would be a great asset to any girl’s wardrobe pretty easily…but, I mean, right? Can you appreciate?! Haha.

 photo 34f40f75-22ae-4f10-a8e6-9cbde364c652_zpsupcl5bju.jpg

 photo F2E9AE77-8678-4DF0-AA77-8662D1EAD0FC_zpssgx4ly07.jpg

So now that I have proven my eagle eye for necessities, such as these…let me introduce Lo Jewels. So many colors, so many shapes, so many sizes. Check out the two I got!

 photo FA683593-BAE0-46FA-9235-EE8BD1C48EF4_zpsvdvpz62o.jpg

 photo F2B2B6C2-E68C-4CC8-A0F6-AB8FFAD1CBF2_zpsxmmgz27o.jpg

I got the blue one for myself and the purple one for Stef with an F. You can sport it as a bracelet, or as a choker, if you’re feeling super 90’s like Stef usually is. They come in so many colors and would make adorable game day accessories in your school colors! They even have some longer necklaces now with beads and tassels, and other gems. These druzy stones and gems are everywhere right now and I think they definitely serve to spruce up any neutral, fall outfit. If you’re looking for a gift (for someone else, or for yourself) be sure to check Lo Jewels out.

 photo 4813A068-9A28-4D76-92D6-65B5B7111E55_zpsggzvjgbn.jpg
Hope y’all are having a great week so far and aren’t freaking out over the fact that SEPTEMBER IS OFFICIALLY HERE!



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