Weekend Rundown

This long weekend was just what I needed…and yet, it still feels like it was too short. (And I’m sure this 4-day work week is going to feel like an eternity!) My boyfriend was out of town this weekend which meant I was super productive – I’d like to think, at least – in an effort to not slow down and miss him even more than I already did…

I got off work early on Friday which was great! Except none of my roommates did. Thank GOODNESS Sadie and Scooter were around to entertain me. I did go to the store to stock up on cheese, crackers (THISISSIPE staples), some IPAs, some shrimps to fry up, and a few more delicious requirements. The best part is that even after stocking up, I just ate croutons and drank a couple beers as my dinner while I watched Say Yes to the Dress. Friday night I was so so amazingly lazy. After a few episodes of that I was definitely in bed watching Netflix Gossip Girl around 10pm. It was as glorious as it sounds.

Since I was such a lazy homebody Friday night I was feeling pretty stir crazy Saturday and was ready to get out of the house.

After I had a queen’s platter for breakfast, I cleaned out the kitchen and fridge which was insane. So much expired food. So gross. That’s enough talk about that. Then I showered and got ready and headed into DC to an amazing little establishment called Carving Room. Meat. Knives. Beer. Oh, also a little something magical called the Cuke. (Ahhhhh. The clouds part. Angels appear.)

Basically, refreshing AF vodka cocktail that is prefect for any and all occasions. Trust me. Everything there is delicious. Everything. Also, I would totally recommend the French toast. While I didn’t have it Saturday, I’ve had it before and I just can’t. Can’t even. Yes, I said that.

So after that delicious experience that was late lunch, I headed home. After lounging around a bit Stef with an F and I headed to the mall to exchange a trendy little skirt that she bought and –oops– I bought a pair of jeans from Zara. Can I just take a moment and say I would probably spend a lot more money there if their employees were halfway decent employees? As somebody who has worked in retail, every experience in their store blows my mind even further. They pay these people. Are they going for the old school A&F vibe? You know, making customers feel completely unwanted, making it difficult to try things on, check out, and so on? At least I know I can shop online so I don’t have to experience the rudeness in person again if I don’t feel up to that challenge. Ugh ok enough bashing on their staff.

Stef with an F mixed us up a little dinner of shrimp and grits which blew my mind. My family is from South Carolina. I know shrimp and grits. I also know how incredibly different it’s been every time I’ve ever had it, and how different everybody can cook it. I love shrimp and grits so much so that I readily accept any and all recipes with open arms and an open mouth. (Eh, too much?!) But I have to say, Stef’s was good. Like…real good. So needless to say our plans to go out and about after that were completely squashed as we laid on the sofa and watched good ole Kimmy Schmidt.

Sunday when I emerged from my food coma I awoke to a glorious surprise. Yes Stef brought me Starbucks in bed.

Including a chocolate croissant because it is the Lord’s day. (Just go with it.) After I wrote a little I vacuumed the entire apartment and promptly collapsed on the sofa to spend a good 30 minutes eating popcorn. After I wrote a little more I decided I did a little laundry and we did major cleaning around the apartment. We definitely went out into DC to this pretty cute little wine bar called Barcelona. Of course my favorite part was the meats and cheeses. Olives and calamari didn’t hurt either. We were lucky enough to sit on the outdoor patio and it was amazing. Definitely reminded me of something that should’ve been in downtown LA. If only good old boyf would’ve been there…oh well, perhaps next time. 🙂 After that we stopped at a few more bars in DC and I guess you could say we made our own sort of barcrawl haha. Once we finally made it home I ended my long night the best way I could think of…Ramen and Netflix in bed.

I’m not even sure if I should be sharing my Labor Day/Monday activities on here…but oh well. Here I go. Monday I watched One Tree Hill. All day. I mean yes, I did get Chickfila breakfast (the beauty of it being Monday and not Sunday) and did at one point shower and put fresh sheets on my bed. But seriously? I One-Tree-Hill-ed pretty hard. All day. Until my boyfriend finally came home.

So all in all I’d say it was a pretty great Labor Day weekend. I totally had extravagant plans of going to the pool and finally getting that tan I had planned on getting all summer long but it’s probably for the best that I didn’t. I definitely would’ve burned since I’ve got almost zero sun all summer. I hope everyone’s weekend was as relaxing and amazing as mine was. Maybe a little less barcrawl-y-ness. And I hope this short week treats y’all well!



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