Next up on Wants for This Fall…

Can I just say how completely unfair it is to be on your way to NYC for work when NYFW is going on…and your work is definitely not fashion-related? Jeez Louise life is hard! Haha

So yes, I am on my way to NYC-and I have to say I put some thought into my ootd. I mean I wanted to look cute and I think I’m kind of succeeding. Well fast-forward and of course I’m looking at the weather on the train and its calling for rain. Literally every time I’m in NYC it rains. Literally. Every. Time. Ugh so I guess sandals were a poor choice, and I’ll probably have to buy one of those terrible $15 umbrellas from a street vendor that break in about 2 minutes 😦 . Maybe it’ll pass while I’m inside?! A quick, little passing Florida rainstorm?! Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

So anyways, back to more important things than the weather…fall fashion! I know this is really more of a staple and certainly appropriate year-round, but fall is the perfect time for it…summer: too hot…winter: snow on leather? Unsure. So without further ado let’s proceed!

Leather (Pleather) Jacket


Ok, that was a lot of leather in these past two posts. To be fair, I did say I was really ready for fall fashion. I promise next time won’t include quite so much leather (that’s what she said. ok that was too much.).

Cheers to almost the end of this 4 day work week! (And maybe minimal rain?!) 🙂



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